Replacements for Discontinued Albemarle Products Antiblaze RX-35 and BK-69

Two new flame retardants to replace discontinued Albemarle products are now available from Cellular Technology:

CELLTECH® FR-35RX Flame Retardant is a functional replacement for Antiblaze RX-35, and is a combination of synergistic bromine/chlorine and phosphorus-containing  active ingredients. CELLTECH FR-35RX is recommended for UL-94 HF-1 applications.

CELLTECH® FR-69BK Flame Retardant is an exact equivalent to the discontinued Antiblaze BK-69. The identical composition of CELLTECH FR-69BK offers a simple replacement option for foam producers who can not longer get Antiblaze BK-69 but who have designed formulations specifically around this unique FR.