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Laader Berg AS, the well-known manufacturer of Maxfoam™ flexible polyurethane foam machines for over 50 years, has appointed Cellular Technology International, Inc. as their sales agent for the United States and Canada, effective February 1, 2014.

Cellular Technology will have responsibility for sales of Maxfoam™ continuous flexible PU machines, along with Laader Berg’s innovative Pintomax™ CWP Flat Top System, Squaremax™ RS – Side film system, Cutmax™ BC-250A – block cutter, Multi-Trough™ Variable Volume/Variable Width troughs and the Laader Berg Silicone Mixer™ for finer cell structure and pinhole-free flexible PU foam.

Maxfoam™ Concept:

Laader Berg® provides the most cost efficient machinery due to its optimal use of chemicals and low operating cost. All achieved with our multi-purpose Maxfoam™ technology.

The Maxfoam™ concept is:

  • Invented by Laader Berg®.
  • Global industrial standard.
  • Most used foaming system.
  • Continuous production.
  • High blocks.
  • Square blocks.
  • 50 years experience.

For questions or comments concerning Laader Berg machinery in the United States and Canada, please contact us at  You may also visit the Laader Berg website at

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