New aldehyde scavenger offered by Cellular Technology

CELLTECH®ALS Aldehyde Scavenger is a unique product designed to reduce and remove aldehydes from flexible molded and slabstock polyurethane foams. CELLTECH®ALS is very effective in complexing aldehydes such as formaldehyde (b.p. -21°C) and acetaldehyde (b.p. 20°C) which are classified as Very Volatile Organic Compounds (VVOCs) by the World Health Organization. C1-C4aldehydes can be generated during polyol production, and/or created during the foaming reaction. CELLTECH®ALS forms a non-toxic, non-reversible covalently bound complex with aldehydes and prevents their emission to the automobile cabin.

The recommended test protocol for aldehyde detection is the GS-97014-3 BMW which utilizes headspace sampling to measure real VOC levels in the final foam. GS-97014-2 BMW is recognized as accurate and reproducible in detecting aldehydes down to μg/m3 (ppb) levels, and is highly selective in terms of both qualification and quantification of individual VOC components.

Key Benefits of CELLTECH®ALS Aldehyde Scavenger

  • Effective at very low use levels (0.25-0.75 pphp)
  • Reduces free aldehydes to very low levels (ppb) or non-detectable
  • Non-toxic
  • Low viscosity