Flame retardant plasticizers for PU and vinyl

Cellular Technology International, and our European subsidiary Cellular Technology Europe Ltd have added a broad range of flame retardant plasticizers to our product offerings, with wide application for polyurethane and vinyl.

The CELLTECH IPPP product range is a family of isopropylated phenyl phosphates, identical to the widely used REOFOS line. We offer the product grades IPPP-35, IPPP-50, IPPP-65 and IPPP-95 which are equivalent respectively to REOFOS 35, 50, 65 and 95. Isopropylated phenyl phosphates are used as flame retardant plasticizers in flexible polyurethane foam and in vinyl applications such as mine belting, and vinyl sheeting. 

CELLTECH HF-4 and HF-4L are tert-butylated phenyl phosphates also recommended for polymer applications such as polyurethane and vinyl, and also are widely used as functional hydraulic fluids. CELLTECH HF-4 is equivalent to REOFOS 507,  PHOSFLEX 71B and SANTICIZER 154; CELLTECH HF-4L is a low-TPP content version of HF-4, equivalent to PHOSFLEX 71B Plus.

All of the above products are available in drums, IBCs (totes) and bulk deliveries. For more information, contact us by email at info@cellulartechnology.us.