CTII offers CELLCOOL LT additive for viscoelastic cushioning foams

CTII is now offering a novel new additive for viscoelastic cushioning foams. Called CELLCOOL LT, the new product provides a cooling effect for visco foams used in mattresses and furniture cushions, as well as contributing to the firmness of these foams. CELLCOOL LT is a free-flowing, semi-solid pellet that is added prior to the mix head and maintains its integrity in both high or low pressure mix heads. Typical use levels are 20-40 pphp, depending on the foam density and the extent of cooling and aesthetic effect desired. CELLCOOL LT is currently offered in blue and red colors.

CELLCOOL LT is unique in that its method of action is not phase-change dependent like some competing products on the market. CELLCOOL LT is produced from soybean oil polyol, and contributes to the renewable content of the foams to which it is added.

Samples and commercial quantities are immediately available. Contact us at info@cellulartechnology.us or +1 800-733-7374.