Cellular Technology offers two new HR silicone surfactants

Cellular Technology is now offering two new silicone surfactants for High Resilience (HR) PU foam:

STRUKSILON 8204 is a highly efficient cell regulator for both TDI and MDI-based HR foams. The high efficiency of 8204 provides dramatic cost savings versus competitive HR surfactants. For example, 1 pphp of Evonik TEGOSTAB 8707-LF2 can be replaced by 0.2 pphp of STRUKSILON 8204, an 80% reduction in use level. Thus, STRUKSILON 8204 offers significantly reduced formulation costs over other HR surfactants. STRUKSILON 8204 is effective in HR formulations which incorporate copolymer polyols such as SAN, PHD and PIPA polyols, as well as ULTRACEL formulations.

CELLSTAB 8204-LE is a diluted version of STRUKSILON 8204 for foamers whose pumps and metering systems cannot handle the much reduced throughput of STRUKSILON 8204 itself. CELLSTAB 8204-LE is a 1:1 replacement for TEGOSTAB 8707-LF2.

Both surfactants provide wide processing latitude and a very high open cell content.



TEGOSTAB is a registered trademark of Evonik Industries AG, Essen, Germany

STRUKSILON is a registered trademark of Schill+Seilacher GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

CELLSTAB is a registered trademark of Cellular Technology Int’l Inc, Kennesaw, GA, USA