Cellular Technology offers equivalents to FYROL PNX and PNX-LE

October 17, 2020

For customers experiencing difficulties sourcing ICL’s FYROL PNX and PNX-LE non-halogenated flame retardants, Cellular Technology offers our exact equivalents CELLTECH 50 (= PNX) and CELLTECH 52 (= PNX-LE) as readily available replacements.

For customers using ICL flame retardant blends based on PNX or PNX-LE, CTII can blend and formulate any specific products you require.

Contact Denny Spicher at drspicher@cellulartechnology.us or info@cellulartechnology.us.


FYROL PNX and PNX-LE are registered trademarks of ICL Industrial Products. CELLTECH is a registered trademark of Cellular Technology International, Inc.