Cellular Technology offers BioCrystal® wellness promoting foam additive

Cellular Technology is now offering BioCrystal®, a crystal additive produced in Croatia for use in comfort foams such as mattresses, pillows and furniture. The manufacturer of BioCrystal says:

Biocrystal® is a scientifically validated component that, when implemented into bedding foam, mattress or furniture, provides: 

•Reduce level of stress: 

– provide faster relaxation

– reduce muscle tension,

– increase oxygen level.

•Helps improve your sleep quality 

 •Decrease impact of EMF (electromagnetic field). 

 Discover the effectiveness of this technologic innovation. You will experience stress relief, overcome sleepless nights and achieve the highest level of performance in all areas of your life. You will live up to your full potential, experience mindfulness and finally, feel good about your life! 

Using products with Biocrystal® implemented inside, you will feel: 

• More productive – as we have more energy during the day, to accomplish all our aims. 

• Well rested – as we sleep stressless and worry less 

• Happy – as we finally experienced what true rest is, therefore, we are full of strength for all upcoming challenges. 

For more information on BioCrystal , contact Cellular Technology at info@cellulartechnology.us or +1 678-766-0725.