Cellular Technology International introduces replacement for DMMP (dimethyl methyl phosphonate) and DEEP (diethyl ethyl phosphonate)

Cellular Technology International has introduced CELLTECH® D-44, a functional replacement for DMMP (dimethyl methyl phosphonate) and DEEP (diethyl ethyl phosphonate). DMMP and DEEP were widely used for flame retardancy in polyurethane systems because of their high phosphorus content and non-halogenated nature. Unfortunately, DMMP and DEEP are listed on Schedule 2 of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and are restricted for production and distribution.

CELLTECH D-44 is a liquid, non-halogenated replacement for DMMP and DEEP which offers excellent flame retardancy based on its 12.4% phosphorus content. CELLTECH D-44 is a water insoluble, low odor, low viscosity (3 cPs at 40 deg C), colorless and environmentally friendly additive for polyurethane systems. Additionally, CELLTECH D-44 is not listed under the CWC.

For more information about CELLTECH D-44, contact Cellular Technology International at +1 800-733-7374  (+1 678-766-0725) or info@cellulartechnology.us.