CELLTECH FR-60, a replacement flame retardant for TDCP (“TDCPP”, “chlorinated tris”)

On the heels of California’s October 2011 decision to place the widely used PU flame retardant TDCP on its Proposition 65 list of cancer-causing chemicals (see http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/greenspace/2011/10/flame-retardant-prop-65-listing-.html) , many PU producers have taken steps to to replace the product with safer alternatives. TDCP is also known as “TDCPP”, “chlorinated Tris”, and under such trade names as ANTIBLAZE 195, ANTIBLAZE WR-30-LV, FYROL FR-2, FYROL FR-38, FYROL A-300-TB, CP-2 and others.

An excellent alternative to TDCP is CELLTECH FR-60i, an environmentally and toxicologically safer chlorinated phosphate ester which compares well performance-wise to TDCP, but carries no Proposition 65 labeling. In composition, CELLTECH FR-60i (10.4% phosphorus, 35.8% chlorine content) compares favorably to TDCP (7.2% phosphorus, 49.1% chlorine content) and can be substituted for  TDCP at equal or slightly reduced use levels in most flexible PU formulations.  CELLTECH FR-60i produces flexible polyether and polyester PU foams with excellent physical properties and reduced scorch as compared to TDCP. It is also the product of choice where low emissions and low fogging are required.

For additional information on CELLTECH FR-60i, call +1 800-733-7374 (+1 678-766-0430) or by email to info@cellulartechnology.us.