CELLTECH EC Ethylene Carbonate and CELLTECH PC Propylene Carbonate now available

Cellular Technology International and Cellular Technology Europe now offer CELLTECH® EC Ethylene Carbonate and CELLTECH PC Propylene Carbonate. These products are VOC-exempt, clear polar solvents having high boiling and flash points, a low order of toxicity and mild ether-like odor. They are stable under most conditions and are not hydroscopic or corrosive. CELLTECH® EC or PC are particularly well suited for applications requiring a water white product or high purity. Both products are offered in Industrial Grade and Electronic Grade.

These polar, aprotic, non-isocyanate reactive solvents are effective as extenders and viscosity reducers in isocyanates and epoxy resins. They can be used as isocyanate and unsaturated polyester resin cleanup solvents, viscosity reducers in coatings, CO2 extraction solvents, electrolytes in lithium batteries, foundry binder catalysts, and textile dye carriers and cleaners.

CELLTECH EC AND PC are available in 250 kg net steel drums, 1,200 kg net IBCs and bulk shipments.

For additional information, contact us at info@cellulartechnology.us or call +1 678-766-0725.