Alternatives for Albemarle Flame Retardants

Albemarle’s sudden and unexpected withdrawal in May from the phosphorus flame retardant market has caused concern among their former customers for these products. Cellular Technology International offers exact equivalents and functional replacement phosphorus-based FRs for most of the Albemarle product range. If you are a purchaser of ANTIBLAZE 140, 150, 195, V-6, V-66, V490, V500, WR-30-LV, TL-10-ST or any other Albemarle products, we welcome your inquiries and look forward to serving you. Please contact us at or +1 800-733-7374.

For customers who were purchasing TCPP (ANTIBLAZE 80) from Albemarle, our sister company Cellchem International, LLC supplies this product from our terminals in Chicago, IL, Houston, TX and Long Beach, CA. Please call +1 770-514-8610 or email to