CTII to introduce new phase change cooling coating for PU at ISPA Meeting in Orlando

Today’s manufacturers of products for the comfort market are searching for thermal management systems that deliver real performance benefits but can be easily adapted into their existing production environment. Cellular Technology has developed a unique water based coating for flexible polyurethane foams that provides strong cooling benefits.

CELLTECH® Chill AQ is designed to address the common complaint of “hot cushioning” by combining regenerative phase change technology with flexible polymer gel and moisture-management. The result is an environmentally responsible, user-friendly water based dispersion that is ideal for use within existing manufacturing operations.

Our unique microencapsulated phase change materials act as tiny “ice cubes” that change from a solid to a liquid with body contact, thereby imparting a cooling effect.  When the body moves, the “ice cubes” are able to regenerate, allowing for sustained performance benefit.   By combining this technology with a polymer gel that further enhances the thermal performance and assists with the ability to transfer moisture, CELLTECH Chill AQ provides a cooler experience to the end user with feasible economics for mainstream applications.

CELLTECH Chill AQ can also be used in combination with CELLCOOL® LT, our cooling bead additive for flexible foam to impact a synergistic, enhanced cooling effect.

For more information, contact Mr. Brian Dickey at bdickey@cellulartechnology.us or by telephone at +1 864-316-4736. Please visit our booth #2016 at ISPA-Orlando on March 9-12.

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